Radcliffe & Co Investment Philosophy

Historically, like most firms of financial advisers, Radcliffe & Co used to provide investment advice directly to clients, however over that last decade the importance of discretionary fund management has become increasingly apparent. The speed of market data, volatility within markets and new financial instruments all require the specific expertise of a specialist manager whose job it is to focus solely on the active management of investments. Just as financial advice should be given by a qualified adviser we believe that investment decisions should be handled by a specialist fund manager whose attention is dedicated to this on a full time basis.

In 2005 Radcliffe & Co took the decision to appoint firms of discretionary fund managers to manage our clients’ investment portfolios from that point forward. We believe that in order to manage the planning needs of our clients in a continuous and timely manner, discretionary fund management is the best solution. Timing of investments, timely release of capital and, perhaps most importantly, being able to react swiftly and appropriately to investment information and economic changes is a critical element of successful portfolio management.

Due to the size of our firm and our business levels we have been able to appoint five firms of discretionary fund managers. Each manager offers a different style of management which means that we are able to appoint the most appropriate firm to meet a client’s needs. Additionally, due to the size of our ‘funds under management’ within each firm, we have been able to negotiate extremely competitive terms for the benefit of our clients.

A discretionary fund manager is able create and maintain actively managed bespoke portfolios that are specifically tailored towards helping our clients achieve their objectives
under a pre-determined risk profile. In addition to this, a discretionary fund manager can utilise a wide range of investments and assets, many of which are not available to private investors, at institutional terms.

In summary the Radcliffe & Co investment approach offers the following benefits:

  • A personal approach using a modern, sophisticated and well-articulated investment process that is flexible and adaptable to the individual needs of each client.
  • Quarterly valuations plus additional ad hoc valuations available any time.
  • Portfolios that offer a level of risk appropriate to each client’s specific circumstances.
  • The opportunity to utilise target and relative return portfolios.
  • The highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.
  • Knowledgeable investment managers with many years’ experience actively involved in every stage of portfolio construction.
  • A comprehensive list of researched assets and asset classes from which investment managers build each client’s portfolio.
  • A wholly personalised service.

By appointing an appropriate discretionary fund manager to manage a client’s underlying portfolio, our advisers are able to concentrate wholly on providing ‘independent advice’ which assesses, among other things, retirement planning, attitude to risk, tax planning, generational planning, financial goals and strategy for achieving them.