“The move went really smoothly thank you. We both love the house and can’t believe we now live there!

Thank you both so much for all your help, they say moving house is one of the most stressful things but due to your expert handling and patience I can honestly say it was a piece of cake as you did all the hard work.

Of course I have been boasting about how good you are and will certainly not hesitate in recommending you to people.”

Diane Stock & Michael Taylor on dealing with Mike Hughes

“We have used Radcliffe & Co for our Emphasis company pension scheme and introduced them to our clients.  We, and our clients, have been delighted with the one to one consultation process Radcliffe’s offer which really help staff at all levels when making important financial decisions.  This extra level of service together with Colin and Marc’s friendly and commercial personalities makes dealing with Radcliffe’s a pleasure.”

Emphasis Ltd

“I have recommended Jacqueline Moore to my friends and family. She is very knowledgeable and always responds promptly to any questions.
Jacqueline gives a great deal of care and attention to your individual case and circumstances and offers informative and helpful advice. She is able to make complicated financial matters comprehensible and is a very reassuring presence in this complex world”

Celia Edmonson

“Thank goodness for Radcliffe and Co.  Their good advice through the excellent John Middlemast has helped our portfolio to enjoy healthy growth even in these financially turbulent times.  The investment in Brooks Macdonald has done particularly well.”

Keith & Joan Perry

“My wife and I one year ago, decided to downsize, and to pay off the mortgage of our previous large and costly to run house. Radcliffes, who had been our mortgage advisers over the past 15 years, recommended that we release up to 30% of the value of our new house by taking out an Equity Release arrangement with a leading UK provider. They conducted a thorough comparison of the various deals on offer, and recommended that which most suited to our needs. While the legal process conducted by the ER provider’s legal advisers was, to say the least, exhaustive, Radcliffes displayed a dogged determination to carry the deal through to its successful conclusion. I would certainly recommend them.”

Robin Meyer

I have found Radcliffe to be both accessible and flexible to my needs. Meetings times andI venues are arranged entirely at my convenience and they are kept precise and to the point, important for me when juggling a busy working day.

I have also been impressed by the forward planning in terms of information gathering, I have not been bothered in between times with un-necessary and repetitive emails or requests for pieces of information that should have been elicited previously.

It is good to have a single named contact with Radcliffe, I have found that Jacqueline understands my needs and interprets them correctly enabling me to make an informed product decision.

Juno Hollyhock

“Darren Fulford of Radcliffe & Co has been advising us and our employees since 1994. Over this time both our business and our employees have had access to proactive, friendly and comprehensive advice. We are pleased to recommend Radcliffe & Co.”

Nick Giles MD IGT

“I have known Richard Roberts for over 10 years and during this period of time we have become very good friends. I took out a pension when I was in my twenties with another company, putting by a small amount each month and in the first 10 years I had five different financial advisors and I never really had a clear understanding of how my pension was working. When I met Richard I asked if he would have a look at my pension and give me some honest advise on what I should do. Richard has done this for me and given me a clear picture of how my pension is working and the areas my money is being invested in. I have never felt that Richard is trying to sell something to me, he will always give me good honest advice and then let me decide if I would like to continue. I have seen my pension grow over the years and can now track its performance online on a daily basis. I have introduced Richard to a number of my friends, family and work colleagues and they have all thanked me for putting them in contact with him.”

Russell Pay

“We have had an excellent working relationship with Radcliffe for several years – they are easy to deal with, very straightforward and have provided us a very good service to support our employee pension arrangements.”

Neil Mecklenburgh HR Director Millbrook Industries

“I was the chief executive of a number of medium and large companies during my career. I have dealt with Radcliffe & Co. for the last ten years, and I have always found them to be professional, efficient, personable and concerned for my best interests. Their advice in a number of areas, but particularly financial investment and pension matters has been very helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Jeff Steer

“My wife Cheryl and I have been and are still extremely happy with the quality of service and the close attention to detail paid to our financial needs by the Radcliffe team, but especially for the personal dedication by Gervase Clifton-Moore who has efficiently steered us financially for more than 10 years towards and into the early years of retirement. Eternally grateful”

Geoff Nutt

“As an independent Chartered Surveyor, I had little time to deal with personal financial matters such as savings and pension funds, so I was very fortunate to know Mike Crossen of Radcliffe & Co. Southampton. He took over these with flair and enthusiasm, resulting in very successful returns even in this very volatile economic climate. Also, my wife Barbara, who had her own business and worked for the Local Authority before retirement, had no time on her hands, especially as she is a very successful Triathlete, and trains 6 days a week! She has passed on her financial affairs to Mike and is very pleased with the results. Both of us can now relax and rely on Radcliffe & Co, whom we have no hesitation in recommending.”

Mike & Barb Walton

“I just wanted to thank you for the highly valued services that Radcliffe and Company have provided me (and indeed continue to provide me)  as one of your clients .  I appreciate that I probably do not fall within what might be called your ‘high flyer’ range of clientele , but over the past 14 years , first as a client of Jack Thomas and then for the past 6 years with yourself , I have always felt very comfortable and confident with the assistance and advice given by the Company on numerous occasions .  Happily I see no reason for this enjoyable experience to change , and trust it may continue for many years to come .  It is a pleasure to see such a well-respected organisation doing so well , and much of that success has to be due to the  experienced knowledge , attitude and quality of it’s Staff .  In a Country  where it is almost a tradition to continually criticise others ,  I feel it important to ‘sing praises’ when so obviously thoroughly warranted.”

Wallace A Holloway

“I have always been impressed with the advice and action taken by Radcliffe & Co. They have covered all the financial areas I needed, and have given friendly, professional and accurate advice every time. It has been a pleasure to deal with them”

ROGER GAFFNEY Chairman WSB Property Management Ltd

“I have recommended Jacqueline Moore to my friends and family. She is very knowledgeable and always responds promptly to any questions.
Jaqueline  gives a great deal of care and attention to your individual case and circumstances and offers informative and helpful advice. She is able to make complicated financial matters comprehensible and is a very reassuring presence in this complex world.”

“Over the past 2-3 years we have been lucky enough to have had the help of Radcliffe’s services to assist us with both re-mortgaging our house and with sorting out my personal pension . The service that this company have provided to us has been second to none . My husband and I both work full time – and Radcliffe’s arranged to visit us at home  . I would say that was “one step beyond the call of duty “.They are well organised – very reassuring and see the ongoing objective through to the end . Thanks to all for their hard work .”

Judy Morey

“Radcliffe & Co have been our Pension Advisers for many years. They have always been most helpful and we have been very happy with the service provided”

Brunswick Developments Group plc

“I am delighted to have Radcliffe & Co advising us on our employees Group Personal Pension Scheme and Group Life Schemes.

Marc Cumberlege has been handling advice to our staff for over 5 years and regularly visits our premises for one to one staff meetings to discuss any queries which is obviously of great benefit to our employees.

Radcliffe & Co are a company who do as they say and respond to our queries without delay”




“Radcliffe & Co  offer independent, one to one advice to all our employees, not just when our employees start work for us but on an ongoing basis. I would recommend Radcliffe & Co to others who seek a professional and dedicated service”


Biscoes Solicitors

“We have dealt with Radcliffe & Co for many years and have always found them to be efficient, straightforward and very helpful”


“Radcliffe help us with financial planning and run our pensions. It’s reassuring to have Radcliffe taking care of the future while we’re busy with the day-to-day”

Stewart Signs Limited

“Richard Roberts has advised and looked after our financial affairs for a number of years in what have been difficult financial times. The investment value of our portfolio has been maintained and, indeed, enhanced. We have also received excellent advice on a variety of other financial matters including IHT planning. During that period we have developed a strong working relationship and have received consistently sound advice without being “sold” financial products.”

Jeremy R Lear