NISA Investment Range Widens

July 2nd, 2015

The Individual Savings Account and the Child Trust Fund rules have been extended to include a wider range of eligible investments which can be held in either account.

From 1 July 2015, under regulations published on 15 June 2015, the list of eligible investments for ISAs has been extended to include the following:-

  • Securities or shares issued by co-operative societies or community benefit societies, or their subsidiaries.
  • Investment trusts without restriction. Previously an investment trust was only eligible for an ISA if no more than 50% of the investment trusts’ investments by value were themselves assets capable of being held in an ISA.
  • Certain securities issued by a company (or a subsidiary) where the securities or the company is admitted to trading (but not listed) on a recognised EEA stock exchange. The previous requirement was that such securities or company had to be listed.

The government will also explore extending the range of eligible investments to include debt and equity securities offered via crowdfunding platforms and consult in the Summer on how to include peer-to-peer loans.