Radcliffe & Co Staff Donate Secret Santa gift money to The Avenue Centre

January 6th, 2015

This Christmas, staff at Radcliffe & Co chose to donate their Secret Santa gift money to the Avenue Centre, and topped up by the company a donation of £500 was made.

Margaret Heller (Trustee and Chair of Management Committee) wrote:

“I write on behald of the Avenue Centre to thank you and your staff for the very generous gift of £500.

The families who attend the Centre are referred to us by Social Services, Health Visitors, Doctors etc., having been identified as being in need of help and support. They are often Mums with chrildren from 0-5 years of age who are victims of domestic violence and therefore living in refugees, or have various other difficulties. You will appreciate that there are few Christmas presents and treats for these families. Your special gift has enabled us to buy presents for the children, in one case a pair of shoes because one of our children has no suitable winter shoes, and to give them a Christmas party. A member of staff took on the role of Father Christmas and, thankfully, none of the children noticed Father Christmas wearing red nail polish – I should add it was a female member of staff.

I have enclosed a copy of a “thank you” card sent by one of our Mums to the Trustees, which gives flavour of what can be achieved with some help. Also, the Mums have made a card of their own to give to you and your staff to show their personal appreciation.

We have been in operation for 26 years and each year it becomes more and more difficult to fund the Centre so your donation was a lovely surprise.

On behalf of us all, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and, once again, thank you so much.”