Barabra Walton – Another Triumph

June 25th, 2014

Just a few weeks after Barbara’s triumph in the British Sprint Triathlon Championships, she has had another remarkable result this time in the European Sprint Championships. She came 1st in her age group by just under an incredible 7 minutes. Barbara had this to say:

“This year the European Sprint Championships were held on Friday 20th June at Kitzbuel in Austria.

Weather had been good each day before the race, however the moment the claxon blew the rain poured down which obviously would make it slippery on the mountains in what was a technical hair pin course anyway.

The scenery was beautiful – for the swim we had to wait up to the last minute to see if it was a wet suit swim or optional, turned out to be a wet suit.
I was 2nd out of the swim 60+ age groups, then long, wet, slippery transition run onto bike up 3 mountains – wish I had time to enjoy the scenery! The run was just like Sound of Music; through the hills on gravel paths and valleys, farms with cows and their bells on, best sceanic run I have ever done! I felt good and fast considering the toll been taken out of my legs climbing the mountains.

I came 1st by just under 7minutes in my age group (65-69) age group and would have finished 3rd in the 60-64 in a time of 1:41:05. One of the best venues I have raced in for organisation, support, friendleness and of course venue.”

Congratulations Barbara, keep up the fantastic work.