July 2012: Radcliffe & Co support 2016 Paralympian swimming aspirations of Alice Tai

November 26th, 2012

New Milton based thirteen year old Alice Tai was born with severe bilateral clubbed feet. Over the years she has undergone 8 operations on her right leg and foot and 7 on her left and still has difficulty in walking as her ankle doesn’t function and the bones in her feet remain fused. She can’t hop, jump, run or skip. Despite this, Alice has found a sport that gives her the mobility and enjoyment in which she is truly excelling.

When she was 8 she had her first frame and due to the muscle wastage and the difficulty she had in climbing stairs, she was advised to take up swimming. What started as a health requirement has now become a sporting passion. In 2010, Alice was classified as a disabled swimmer and immediately offered a place in the Disability World Class Talent Programme. The following year in November 2011, six weeks after recovering from surgery, she competed at the Senior Nationals, gaining 4 bronze medals and 1 silver. This was an impressive performance as she was significantly younger than her competitors. Also in that year she was named Hampshire & IOW disabled athlete of the year. Now that the 2012 Paralympic Games have ended, training has started in earnest for the 2016 games.

However, all of this comes with a cost. She will be expected to attend training weekends in Manchester and Swansea every 6-8 weeks, her competition schedule will include events in Dublin and Berlin and the First Road to Rio Paralympic Training Club takes place in Dubai in December .

Southampton based Radcliffe & Co have stepped up to the challenge and are sponsoring Alice to help her realise her paralympian dreams. Colin Perryman, one of their Independent Financial Advisors said:

This year has seen Britain excel at the Olympics and as a company we wanted to play our part in supporting the next generation of Olympic talent. We were particularly touched by how Alice has already overcome some really challenging circumstances. She’s an amazing person and we look forward to seeing her progress”.