Barbara Helen Walton – Triathlete

November 2nd, 2012

Barbara Helen Walton. 63 years young.



Barbs has achieved everything so far without any financial sponsorship. Radcliffe & Co are delighted to sponsor Barbs and wish her every success in the future.


Barb or Barbs, as she prefers to be called, had breast cancer 15 year’s ago. She lost both her parents before having her two children, Samuel & Phillippa, and wanted to get fit for her grandchildren – she is now a grandmother to two boys and one girl.

She started running and took part in two London Marathons, sponsoring Cancer Research (Children with Leukaemia) and Help the Aged. She joined the New Forest Runners and has great time training with them.
When she reached 59 she started doing Sprint Triathlons, her first being in Antigua on a hired mountain bike, which had a slow puncture! After winning the over 40’s age group, she “got the bug”.

Primera, in Bournemouth, built a Cervelo Bike to fit her and she was off. You will see below her summary of success, which is unbelievable, considering she has only been competing for such a short time, and had not even been on a bike since she was in her 20’s.

Her life really started after she retired in December 2009. She had spent most of her time, after work, watching and supporting her children, both of whom were very athletic, taking part in all games – Sam being a National Age Group Triathlete, and Philla, National Age Group Biathlon continuing to play Netball .Her inspiration of them persuaded her to start her training schedule, which is 6 days a week, including getting up at 5.30am on Monday & Wednesday to swim in Bournemouth, running with the New Forest Runners on Tuesday & Sunday, and cycling during the meantime!

Barb has spent most of her life, as all mothers do, looking after her children and supporting them. She is very proud of them. Now it is their turn to be proud of their Mum.
Profession: Swimming Instructor/Staff Trainer.
Retired from Swimming Instructor in 2110
Triathlon Distance: Sprint. (700metre swim, 20k bike, 5k run)
Achievements: 60 – 64 age group.

2010 – Silver Medal in National Championships.
2010 – Bronze Medal in Budapest – World Championships.
2011 – Gold Medal in The National Championships.
2011 – Gold Medal in Spain – European Championships. 2012 – Gold Medal in Israel – European Championships. The “icing on the cake” in this event was that she had a quicker time than the 55-59 age group.
2012 –May, Bronze in National Championships (same place as 2010)
4 minutes faster this year. (2 women moved up an age group)!
2012 – Last week-end same venue as Nationals this year did a 3minute p.b = now 1.21.38. Was fastest lady from agegroup 45 upwards. New Zealand here I come

Goals: To do as well as possible in the Worlds this October,
which are being held in Auckland, New Zealand.
Train hard and to continue to take part in events building up to New Zealand.